E-6 Cine Film Processing

 E-6 cine film processing

Colour reversal cine films are machine processed to the highest standards using Eastman Kodak formulated professional E-6 chemicals.
Process quality control is constantly densitometrically maintained in-house using E-6 control films along with chemical monitoring and management.

This service is for processing all modern E-6 compatible cine films such as….

  • Kodak Ektachrome 100D (7285 / 7294)
  • Kodak Ektachrome 64T (7280)
  • Fujichrome Velvia 50D
  • Fujichrome Provia 100D
  • Fujichrome Provie 100D
  • Cine Renaissance Provie 100D
  • Wittnerchrome 100D
  • Wittnerchrome 200D
  • Wittnerchrome Astia 100F Konfekt
  • Spectra V-50
  • Cinechrome 100D
  • Cinechrome 200D
  • KAHL Colour Chrome UT-18
  • KAHL Colour Universal NC-15
  • KAHL Colour Universal NC-17
  • Pro8mm Super 8/88
  • Lomography X-Pro

Push ( ‘forced’ ) and pull processing ( +2 stops to -1 stop ) is also available.

Super 8mm films are returned with leader attached and supplied on a 50ft plastic reel ready for projection.
Standard 8mm ( 50 ft from 16mm 25 ft rolls ) are slit and spliced after processing with leader attached and supplied on a 50ft plastic reel ready for projection.

Specially slit and perforated formats such as 9.5mm films are returned rolled or on spools supplied ( no leader ).

16mm films are returned on the supplied spool or core ( no leader ).

Please note: Processing older colour reversal type films ( including VNF-1 ) or *colour negative ‘cross-processing’ ECN-2 processed though E-6 ) is NOT available.

* These films have a rem-jet backing which can’t be removed during processing.

Cine film scanning is not available here. Please see ‘More Information’ ‘Links’ page.

Super 8mm cine film ( up to 50 ft cartridge )
Standard 8mm cine film ( 25 ft spool )
Double Super 8mm ( up to 100 ft )
£0.45 per foot ( £10.00 minimum charge )
9.5mm cine film ( up to 100 ft ) £0.36 per foot ( £10.00 minimum charge )
16mm cine film
£0.45 per ft ( £10.00 minimum charge )
16mm cine film ( 100 ft )  £45.00
Clip test ( 8mm 1st foot / 16mm first two feet ) £2.60
Push / pull process £1.95 extra ( +2 stops / -1 stop in 1/3rd stops )

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 Do you have Kodachrome ?

If you have Kodachrome film for processing, you’ve missed the boat having them developed in colour now.
The last service for process K-14 ended in December 2010 by Dwaynes Photo lab.

Super 8 K-14 thumbnail

The only practical option left is having Kodachrome films processed as B&W negatives ( then getting them scanned and inverted to positive for viewing ). Specialist laboratories such as Film Rescue International in Canada can help.

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