Film Recording Services

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Film recording or producing ‘film-outs’ is a specialised service where digital image files are written out to film using a high resolution computer based camera system called a film recorder.

Images taken on your digital camera or scans you’ve made from negatives, slides or prints can be transferred to film thus taking advantage of film’s colour gamut and smooth tonal range.

Typical applications for this service can be for producing slides for projection ( and caption slides ), transparencies for distribution, black and white negatives to produce ‘real’ black and white prints, restoration negatives and transparencies or simply as an archival medium for very long term storage.

Film-outs are shot at 8K resolution ( amongst the highest available ) effectively delivering an image dimension equivalent to over 40 megapixels. Your images will look as though they were originally shot on film!

You can deliver your image files on memory stick, disc or uploaded via a free file sharing website such as ‘WeTransfer.Com’

Files should be sent as uncompressed high resolution tiff’s or jpg’s only.
For optimum results, image size should be 8192 x 5464 pixels or bigger.

Please do not send camera raw files or any other file types such as Photoshop psd, psb etc…

Important note: Images should be fully corrected for colour and density and ready for recording, as images aren’t graded prior to printing.

Please use industry standard sRGB colour space and not CMYK. Aspect ratio for 35mm film is 1.5:1

35mm filmouts are produced on Kodak Ektachrome E100 colour transparency film and Kodak Tmax 100 black & white negative film.

 £10.00 minimum charge.


Slide mounting extra: Gepe 1.8mm plastic mounts £0.20 each / Gepe 3mm anti-Newton glass mounts £1.50 each.

35mm colour transparency or 35mm black & white negative £5.80
2+ from the same file £4.40

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