E-6 Colour Film Processing

Colour transparency (reversal) films are machine processed to the highest standards using full specification professional E-6 chemicals.
Process quality control is densitometrically maintained in-house using E-6 control films along with chemical monitoring and management.

All modern Infrared E-6 films can be handled as well as offering additional services such as ‘clip testing’ and ‘push’ or ‘pull’ processing.

35mm films are returned in anti-static polyester & acetate sleeves, or mounted in Gepe 1.8mm Quickslide plastic slide mounts and supplied in a plastic storage box.
( films with an Estar / polyester base can also be mounted ).

120, 220 and 70mm roll films are returned in anti-static polyester & acetate sleeves.

Cross processing (C-41 colour negative film processed through E-6) is available. Please ask for advice before shooting. Films can be left uncut if required.

35mm 24 exp dev & sleeve £4.80
35mm 36 exp dev & sleeve £5.00
35mm Bulk dev & sleeve per foot £1.50   ( max 100 feet )
35mm 24 exp dev & mount £7.20     ( £4.80 dev + 10p per frame )
35mm 36 exp dev & mount £8.60     ( £5.00 dev + 10p per frame )
120 dev & sleeve £5.00
220 dev & sleeve £10.00
110 £4.80
126 £4.80
127 £4.80
620 £5.00
70mm Bulk dev & sleeve per foot £2.00    ( max 50 feet )
Clip test £2.60     ( 35mm 1st 7″   /   120 last 4″ )
Push / pull process £1.95 extra   ( +2 stops  /  -1 stop  in 1/3rd stops 
Mounting only 20p per frame ( Gepe 1.8mm Quickslide mounts )
Mounting only £1.50 per frame ( Gepe 3mm anti-Newton glass mounts )
E-6 Movie film processing see E-6 cine processing

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Do you have Kodachrome ?

If you have Kodachrome film for processing, you’ve missed the boat having them developed in colour now.
The last service for process K-14 ended in December 2010 by Dwaynes Photo lab.

kodachrome 35mm thumbnail

The only practical option left is to have Kodachrome films processed as B&W negatives ( and getting them scanned for viewing as positives ). Specialist laboratories such as Film Rescue International in Canada can help.

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